York Woodworking Vice Quick Release HVRQ801 7

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The York HVRQ801 is a 7" underslung No.52 woodworking vice with a simple but effective quick release system - no levers, just take two full turns off with the main handle and the spindle will slide freely. Two turns forward re-engages the mechanism.

The York HVRQ801 can be face mounted or flush mounted and is designed to work with a 2½" (60mm) thick bench top.

Perfectly acceptable as a main vice if you are just starting out or tend to work on smaller projects, the integral retractable steel dog also makes an ideal secondary vice or tail vice for use with bench dog system on a larger bench.

York vices have been manufactured in the town of DobÅ™íš, near Prague in the Czech Republic since 1921. They have rightly inherited Record's crown for well made, workmanlike, European manufactured bench vices.

  • Thread: 24mm x 5mm
  • Total Length: 402mm
  • Working Length: 205

Note: When engaging and disengaging the quick release mechanism some momentum is required to flip over the cam nut that disengages or re-engages the drive. Spin hard, pull gently and it will serve you well for the rest of your life with no trouble at all.