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Matthew's Blog
Christmas in the Making Video
Royal Recognition for Ernest Wright Scissors

Our hearty congratulations to Paul and his team of scissor makers at Ernest Wright in Sheffield

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Corona Virus 2020

Posted 18 March 2020 The world braces and prepares for whatever the coming....

Continue ReadingCorona Virus 2020
How to prepare a Japanese Chisel

I have selected some video guidance on preparing Japanese chisels....

Continue ReadingHow to prepare a Japanese Chisel
Grain direction and face marks

Sound advice from David Charlesworth on stock preparation. 

Continue ReadingGrain direction and face marks
English Mitre Plane Restoration

Australian goldfield burrs are revered for their hardness and beauty.....

Continue ReadingEnglish Mitre Plane Restoration
New Quangsheng Handles

Sometimes life is just a bowl of cherries (and walnuts).

Continue ReadingNew Quangsheng Handles
Stan Shaw BEM, Sheffield Legend

Stan Shaw, 76 years at the bench and one of the last little mesters of Sheffield. 

Continue ReadingStan Shaw BEM, Sheffield Legend
Our Philosophy

‘Buy the best tools you can afford’

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How to use a chisel

I keep recommending this video to customers, so now I'm sharing it with everyone.

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David Charlesworth's Ruler Trick Video

In this video David Charlesworth demonstrates his famous ruler trick for sharpening plane irons.

Continue ReadingDavid Charlesworth's Ruler Trick Video
Quangsheng Router Plane

Update on the new router plane from Quangsheng

Continue ReadingQuangsheng Router Plane
Quangsheng 043 Plough Plane Review

Mitch Peacock take the Quangsheng 043 plough plane through its paces.

Continue ReadingQuangsheng 043 Plough Plane Review
Rice and Chips - The new Fugaku range of saws from Gyokucho

Gyokucho present their new range of Fugaku folding saws

Continue ReadingRice and Chips - The new Fugaku range of saws from Gyokucho
Marc Fish Dovetails
Is it possible to teach a non 90° angle dovetail joint on a weekend course?


Continue ReadingMarc Fish Dovetails
Redesigning the No.043 Plough Plane

A wonderful opportunity that was just too good to miss.

Continue ReadingRedesigning the No.043 Plough Plane
Guédelon - Welcome to the thirteenth century.

Guédelon, you can feel the sheer creative energy of the place.

Continue ReadingGuédelon - Welcome to the thirteenth century.

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