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Workshop Heaven Tool Care Starter Kit

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1 x Shield Technology Restore Project Pack   + £0.00
1 x Shield Technology VanGuard Wipes Pack of 3   + £0.00
1 x Autosol Metal Polish   + £0.00
1 x Alfie Shine Hard Wax Polish 60ml   + £0.00
1 x Alfie Shine Raw Cotton Polishing Cloth   + £0.00
1 x Plastic Storage Box 2.2 litre   + £0.00
1 x Rusty Fingerprint Remover   + £0.00

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    Everything you need for basic tool restoration and care of hand tools in one convenient box.


    • 50ml Restore Pre-Clean Concentrate (makes 1 litre)
    • 50ml Restore Rust Remover Concentrate (makes 1 litre)
    • 75ml Tube of Autosol Metal Polish
    • 3 Vanguard Wipes
    • 60ml Tin of Alfie Shine Hard Wax Polish
    • 1 Rusty Fingerprint Remover
    • 1 Alfie Shine Polishing Cloth
    • 2.2 litre storage box/container


    For major rust removal, first degrease the part thoroughly with diluted Pre-Clean, then immerse the item completely in diluted Restore Rust Remover. The box that the kit comes in is big enough to take a disassembled No.3, No.4 or No.4-1/2 bench plane and long enough for most chisels, files, plane irons etc. It is important to cover the items completely, so if necessary add a few pebbles, marbles etc to raise the level. The Restore range of products are reusable (economical), concentrated (light to post) and biodegradeable (easy to dispose of).

    Autosol is a well-known and widely used polish for Chrome, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper. It can also be used with a strop as the final step in the process of honing chisels and plane irons.

    Vanguard is the ultimate corrosion protection product for ferrous and yellow metals; it has a high concentration of contact corrosion inhibitors plus a vapour phase inhibitor. After wiping down the freshly exposed metal of restored tools, pop the used wipe in the bottom of your toolbox and it will slowly release a harmless protective vapour that settles on the tools and protects them from corrosion. 

    Alfie Shine is an old fashioned, VOC free, resin enriched hard wax polish; applied sparingly to wooden tools (or as a wax finish on projects) it nourishes and protects the timber without damaging patina and leaves a subtle, well cared for sheen.

    The Workshop Heaven rusty fingerprint remover is an SiC coated dense foam block that removes light corrosion and marks from well ground surfaces without leaving visible scratches or a shiny spot. It has safe edges so you can run right up to an adjacent painted or wooden surface without touching it.

    The Alfie Shine cloth is a cleaning and polishing tool in its own right.

    If purchased individually: £44.65



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    Workshop Heaven Tool Care Starter Kit


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