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Workshop Heaven Scary Sharpening Kit (Basic) + Richard Kell No. 2

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Workshop Heaven Scary Sharpening Kit (Basic) + Richard Kell No. 2

The new and improved Workshop Heaven Scary Sharpening Kit (Basic) with Richard Kell No. 2 Honing Guide contains:

  • A rock solid, 14 inch wide block of dead flat 10mm thick float glass. This provides the ideal substrate for use with sheet abrasive.
  • An anti-skid mat to support the float glass and keep it in place.
  • 2 sheets each of 40 micron, 30 micron and 9 micron, pressure sensitive adhesive backed, aluminium oxide microfinishing film. A heavier duty version of standard lapping film with a thicker backing and a stronger resin coating.
  • 2 sheets of 3 micron lapping film. The 3 micron grade has a 'P' resin coating making it slightly more durable than the other superfine grades. The 3 micron film is roughly equivalent to an 8000 grit Japanese waterstone.
  • 250ml of HoneRite No.1 - a fast cutting honing lubricant that actively prevents corrosion and dries fully - thus preventing your sheets from becoming a dust magnet. Wiping your tools over with it after sharpening will also help to keep them rust free. 
  • Richard Kell No.2 Honing Guide (0 to 2-5/8 inch) with large rollers. Suitable for most square-sided chisels and plane irons.

 Regular price if purchased individually: £136.05


Please note : HoneRite No.1 cannot be sent by Airmail.

3M lapping and microfinishing films are extremely accurate superabrasives that provide precise, consistently uniform, close-tolerance finishes. A high-strength polyester film backing is coated with premium, micron-graded mineral particles that are electrostatically oriented for greater cutting efficiency. The particles are bonded into a layer of resin that holds the particles in place for increased durability. PSA is the acronym for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and is a heavy duty version of the adhesive on the back of a Post-It note.

To use, cut each sheet into four 2-1/2 inch strips, peel off the backing and carefully fix a strip of each grade next to each other on the piece of float glass applying firm pressure for an even secure bond, be careful to avoid trapping air bubbles. Spread a drop of HoneRite No.1 (or water if you are using this method in conjunction with waterstones) on the surface of the lapping film to lubricate the process and prevent swarf from building up.

With the blade angled fractionally steeper than the primary bevel angle, work the down the grits using pull strokes only, This system works particularly well with a honing guide, we recommend Richard Kell's honing guides because of their exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

A few strokes on the back of the blade starting from the 9 micron film will remove the burr and leave you with an exquisitely fine edge.


Matthew's Sharpening Chisels - Practice Video

Customer Reviews

Written by: Jens
A joy to use!
This is the best and quickest sharpening system I've ever tried. Highly recommended - try it even if you already have a sharpening system, you may want to use this one instead!

When I ordered, I asked if I could make a modification to the package; eg. I wanted the 360mm float glass to be changed to the 470mm (large) variant.
-No problem, I got the extra large float glass, so I could use 4 x 84mm wide sheets for honing 60.4mm Quangsheng blades.
(Note: The Richard Kell No. 2 can easily accommodate a 60.4mm wide blade; officially it supports 66.7mm wide blades/chisels, but it seems the max. capacity is 75mm).

Including watching several howto-videos, setting up the 3S, sharpening the 10+1 Ashley Iles Bevel Chisel set took me a total of 6 hours.
-I very much recommend Matthew's (Workshop Heaven) videos; they're the very best on the subject; they give you all kinds of very detailed tips.
Eg. How to sharpen your plane iron with chamfered edges, how to make an improved ruler-trick (using painter's masking tape), why and how to make a benchmark, how to hold the chisels in the honing guide, exactly how to prepare the back of the chisels the best way (watch the same videos several times here; you need to take a good look at where the chisels are positioned at the start of a honing stroke and where the honing stroke stops; also count the honing strokes and notice all the details).

-So being a first-time user, I successfully got all my Ashley Iles chisels sharpened on the first try, no errors, no problems (except from one chisel was so sharp that it cut through my Ashley Iles plastic-pocket - but now that I have chisels, I can just make an elegant wooden suitcase for them instead.
Written by: Guest
Great results
Excellent honing guide, beautifully made.In conjunction with the sharpening kit this has got my hand planes cutting better than they ever have.
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