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Desert Ironwood (Arizona)

Desert Ironwood (Arizona)

Arizona Desert Ironwood (Olneya Tesota) is one of the rarest, most beautiful and most expensive timbers in the world, it is also the most stable. The desert ironwood tree is one of the world's oldest living things; some living examples germinated around the time of the Saxon invasion of England in the 4th century and would have already been five hundred years old by the time of the Norman invasion.

There are several American species that are referred to as Ironwood including Mesquite and Hop-Hornbeam. Olneya Tesota, however, is the real deal. The only species in the genus Olneya, it has no close relatives and grows exclusively in the Sonoran desert straddling the Arizona / Mexico border.

Because over 500 other species (some of them also unique to the Sonora) depend upon the desert ironwood tree for their survival, the living trees are exceptionally well protected. It is however legal for licensed individuals to collect timber from dead desert ironwood trees, which tend to be well preserved thanks to their extreme hardness and the arid conditions.

We offer this precious material in pre-cut blocks, each piece is photographed individually so you can choose the exact piece you will receive.

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