Welsh Natural Slate Whetstone (Dragon's Tongue)

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Welsh slate is a wonderfully consistent high quality natural sharpening stone that is often used as a benchmark by which other natural stones are measured and compared. They are only this affordable because of the huge roofing slate industry with its pre-existing mines and logistical connections, don’t be deceived into thinking that they can’t be both good and cheap – the quality is superb.

In straight razor terms Welsh slate is regarded as a ‘pre-finisher’, but for woodworking tools or kitchen applications it’s a very smooth final hone. Slate can be used with water, which is cleaner for kitchen use, but in the workshop with a little drop of penetrating oil it is absolutely sublime.

8” x 2” x 1/2”


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    Posted by Josh on 2nd Jun 2023

    It's made my sharp things considerably sharper. Unfortunately it's not as wide as the blade of my no.4 Quansheng plane so you have to angle it when honing. I use it after a 9000 water stone and before a strop. I have been planing some squirly grained oak recently with minimal tearout. If it was 1/4 inch wider it would be perfect. An extra 1/2 inch would be more than perfect!