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Starrett 9M-300 Metric Combination Set 300mm

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Starrett 9M-300 Metric Combination Set 300mm


Same as the 435M but cheaper and with a single side only protractor, so if you need to measure angles from the other side you need to slide it off, turn it around and slide it back on.

The Starrett 300mm Combination Set features reversible lock bolt, scriber, spirit level in both square head and protractor head, direct reading single 180 Deg protractor scale, and hardened steel, and photo-engraved blade. The combination set includes a cast iron head with black wrinkle finish.

Hardened steel machine divided regular finish 300mm blade with full and half mm graduations on both sides.

Although there is no current standard for combination squares, Starrett continue to manufacture to a now obsolete U.S. federal specification of 0.004in per foot max deviation between the square head and the blade, 3 minutes of a degree max deviation for centre heads, 15 minutes of a degree for protractor heads with blade edges straight to 0.001in.

All standard Starrett combination set components are interchangeable, so if you decide to add a longer rule for example, you can be confident that they will all work with no loss of accuracy.

Packaging: Fitted Foam Lined ABS case

Made in USA

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