Starrett 92-9 Dividers 9

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Yep, they are expensive - that's that out of the way.

Starrett No.92 dividers combine the rugged durability of a traditional wing divider with the precision of a bowspring divider; the best of both worlds.

The removable point is the same size as a pencil so they function as both compasses and dividers; one tool instead of two.

The point is extendable and the wing covers a 120 degree arc rather than the usual 60; so even with a 9" leg you can lay out a full 32" (810mm) diameter tabletop or step off ¼" (6mm) jewellery box dovetails.

The legs are forged and ground, much the same process as a handmade chisel; this makes them wonderfully rigid so they hold their setting beautifully and the points hold their sharpness.

A spring loaded adjuster provides fine tuning without interfering with the coarse setting; so they can be used quickly or accurately with equal ease.

The removable point (the one that does all the work) can be mounted in a drill for easy and accurate sharpening, or reground to a radiused knife edge for cleaner lines.

They may be a bit more than you expected a pair of dividers to cost, but in our opinion they are worth every penny.

length: 225mm