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Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 6mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 7mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 8mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 8.5mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 9mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 10mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 10.5mm

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Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 11mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 12mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 13mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 16mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 18mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 19mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 20mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 21mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 22mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 24mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 27mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit 30mm


Star-M Japanese F-Type Auger Bit - Singles


Designed specifically for use in cordless drills, F-Type non self-feeding auger bits reduce load on motors and bearings and extend battery life.

F-Types are available in a practical range of full and half mm sizes including 19mm (ideal for drilling dog holes in benches).

The innovative conical tip allows them to be used to ream out smaller diameter holes to a larger diameter and chase together holes drilled from opposite faces.The tip design also helps to reduce breakout on the exit side as the material is progressively sheared outwards from the centre. Also features Japanese style hex shank.

They are short enough to fit between joists when mounted in a drill, but can also be used with an extension for drilling deeper holes. F Types are also fantastic for use in a drill press.

Customer Reviews

Written by: Mark
Not bad at all
I bought the 19mm bit to drill 20x nice, neat dog holes in my roubo-esque bench build. My tops are 3 & 3/4" thick, made of cheap, rather soft construction pine. This bit does make neat holes on both sides. I started on a drill press but after about 7 holes I could not get the bit to bite very well at all past he first 1/2". This was mainly down to my single phase Record 260 not having enough power and torque but was also down to the bit losing it's keenest edge quite quickly. To be quite fair I haven't found any type of bit at this size fair any better in my particular press. So I resolved to start my holes in the drill press for accuracy then finish them off with my cordless makita drill. The bit certainly grabbed with that extra torque. But here I have a different experience to Mr Prince. I found that the bit was ejecting very few chips at all. I could easily feel that the bit was getting choked to the point where it would not drill any further than about 2&1/2". When I completely withdrew it, it was clear that the bit was indeed cutting nice clean chips but they were being compacted in the flighting. So I had to fully withdraw the bit and clean out the flighting once for every hole. This doesn't concern me one iota. It's simply a matter of knowing your tool and the right technique for a given task. I like that it's a very tactile thing. You can feel straightaway when you're choking the bit. That's quite a big positive in my book. In any event it's a small price to pay for a clean exit hole where it's impractical or a pita to use a backing board, (as you would have to do with an auger or forstner). I'm guessing these bits won't be prone to choking on thinner or harder stock. It is worth noting here that this bit is not very long. It was just long enough for my stock. 4" stock might be a stretch. All in all I enjoyed using this bit. It did what I wanted it to do. I won't be replacing my favourite brand of brad point and forstner bits with these for everyday use but I'd happily buy more of these for awkward, one-off jobs like this.
Written by: Paul Prince
Outstanding drill bits !
I purchased a 20mm drill bit to try out yet another type and brand of drill bit. I needed some accurate 20mm holes to match those in a Festool MFT. I used the drill bit in the pillar drill to achieve a good vertical hole. The finish on the wall of the holes was incredible. No tearing, accurate to size and above all absolutely no blow out on the break through side and no lifting on the upper surface. Quite simply the perfect hole! I have tried many different types of drill over the years and I have to say these are light years ahead of anything I have tried before. The black coating on the flutes would appear to be a low friction coating which helps eject the chips efficiently. This means the drill bit doesn't overheat. The point is VERY fine which makes lining up with pencil lines or a centre punch accurate. Perhaps I am waxing lyrical but having used the 20mm drill I then went and bought EVERY drill bit in the series. These are now my 'go-to' drill bits. Fantastic! Well done for sourcing these Matthew.
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