Star-M Japanese 601 Precision Drill Bit Set of 10

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These beautiful Japanese HSS drill bits make precise, ultra clean holes in all types of wood, sheet materials, leather, acrylic, PVC, rubber and bamboo.

The tip is essentially the lovechild of a lip and spur drill and a Jennings pattern auger. The spurs clean out debris from the corners of the cut and are immediately followed by semi-circular knives that progress the cut like a pair of scalpels. The spurs act as chip limiters so the blades are fed at a consistent rate. U-shaped blades (much like a carver's gouge) then clear the waste without exerting any tearing forces on the fibres – this design is a work of absolute genius!

Made from HSS, Star-M 601's are absolutely fine to use on anything from exotics to balsa wood, all surfaces are beautifully ground and then electroless nickel plated (the same process as used on Gyokucho saw blades) to reduce friction and increase corrosion protection.

  • Set includes: 12, 11,10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3mm bits
  • Overall length 80mm
  • Cutting depth 50mm

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