Star M Combination Auger Bits - 7 Piece Set with Tool Roll

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Designed to be used with either a power drill or with a traditional hand brace this set of 7 longer length Japanese combination auger bits from Star-M are first-rate. These bits have a threaded centre with a rounded single spur to ensure that the edge of the hole is perfectly clean and tidy while removing the excess wood so eliminating clogging.

Made for softwood and less dense hardwoods.

Comes in a free Star-M 19 pocket denim tool roll which has versatile pocket format. With one row having 14 pockets with widths ranging from 70mm down to 25mm to take items up to 330mm long, and a smaller set of 5 30mm & 25mm wide for shorter items up to 150mm, it will keep a variety of tools safe.

Set includes:

width length twist shank
6 160 100 6.35
9 180 110 6.35
12 190 120 6.35
15 200 130 9
18 200 130 9
21 210 140 9
25 210 140 9