Square Head Genno Japanese Hammer 375g

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The square head genno has rounded corners for strength, narrows slightly at the waist and is noted for its excellent directional stability. Ideal for assembly work, knocking in pegs and nails and also makes a very acceptable choice for driving Japanese chisels and setting Japanese planes.

The polished faces are selectively hardened by quenching the head under a stream of flowing water, this gives durable working surfaces but leaves the middle of the head softer, which deadens the blow and kills vibration. The polished hachimaki bands around the faces are not a laminated layer but a traditional decorative touch that tidies up the appearance after polishing the faces.

Available in a range of weights to suit lighter or heavier tasks, for chisel work this 375g (13.2oz) size is recommended.

  • Weight: 375g
  • Head: 90mm x 30mm x 25mm
  • Overall Length: 330mm
  • Handle: Japanese White Oak

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    Even better than the blurb!

    Posted by Lataxe on 3rd Oct 2021

    It's a well-made tool with obviously high quality materials used, including the oak handle. I've used it this afternoon (as soon as it arrived) to set plane blades and wedges, to drive in nails but also dowels and even to lightly tap finger-jointed parts together. The balance, weight and feel is good for all this. The heads are both slightly convex with a small chamfered edge to them as well. The convexity of one face is only just discernible whilst t'other face is more rounded. This is an extra and valuable feature unmentioned in the WH blurb. Any prep needed? Not really although I did wax the bare oak handle with Liberon wax of the medium oak colour. Even prettier! :-) Much nicer (both functionally and cosmetically) than a standard Western hammer for the above-mentioned tasks albeit twice the price of a typical small ball-peen or similar. Worth it.