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Shogun 265mm Universal Kataba

Shogun Universal Kataba 265mm

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Brand Shogun
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The kataba is a backless style of Japanese saw designed for deep cuts - large sections, sheet materials etc.

The Shogun is fast, even by Japanese pullsaw standards, with an aggressive 1.5mm set and periodic pairs of rip teeth that act as rakers in green or oily timbers. The resulting efficient waste clearance makes it easy to keep on track - even when ripping down 8 x 4 sheets.

Rip cuts, cross cuts, slant cuts, green wood, dry wood, sheet materials, all dispatched with efficiency and ease.
The finish isn’t as fine as most Japanese saws, but if you just want something in two pieces, quickly and accurately - it’s a great choice.

  • Blade length: 265mm
  • Blade thickness (plate):0.6mm (kerf): 0.9mm
  • Replaceable blade
  • 16tpi
  • Overall length: 610mm
  • Maximum practical cutting depth: unlimited
  • Handle: Traditional rattan wrapped paulownia wood



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Shogun Universal Kataba 265mm

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