Quangsheng Small Router Plane

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The router plane gives us the ability to register off one surface and create another accurately parallel surface a given distance below it.

In the woodworker's workshop, a router plane is a really useful tool to have for cleaning up the bottom of housings and trenches or truing and levelling tenon cheeks with remarkable accuracy and without clouds of airborne dust.

This small router plane from Quangsheng has a cast stainless steel body, so it won't rust. It is broad enough to give support on a trench up to 40mm wide and the open design offers excellent visibility and shaving clearance.

The cherry handles give a little more purchase when pivoting the router for chommelling out material and a broad, low-profile brass knob makes adjustment quick and easy without restricting your view of the cutter.

The sides of the main cutter are beveled to the full depth, so you can get under the shoulders of sliding dovetails, tapered dovetails or even half blind and secret mitred dovetails.

A 6mm V point cutter gets right into internal corners and two tiny 2.5mm versions are ideal for fiddly purfling and inlays.


  • Stainless steel casting
  • Sole dimensions 100mm x 50mm
  • Maximum cutting depth: 25mm

Cutter widths:

  • 12mm straight
  • 6mm V point
  • 2.5mm straight
  • 2.5mm V point

Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.

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    A nice little tool

    Posted by Rasmus on 15th Mar 2020

    I After receiving this plane, I was impressed with the casting and overall machining of the stainless steel body. The sole was a little concave,and have very sharp and pointy corners that can dig into the workpiece. It it however, easy to flatten and round the edges and corners. This was expected, based on my experience with other Quangsheng products. After lapping and sharpening the irons, I wanted to use it, but found out that two of the irons didn´t fit into the plane body. The diameter was somehow off by a little, or they are not completely round, im not sure. The biggest iron fitted finely, and one of the smaller ones just barely fitted. I think it is considerable (unexpected) work to fix this, and I still need to sand the one down that im going to use. Overall a seemingly very nice tool, once you get it going. But because of the fitting problem of the irons, it looses one star.

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    Very good quality

    Posted by Eduardo on 31st Aug 2019

    It is actually smaller than I expected it to be (there should be a photo of it in use to show clearly the size of the tool) but still a very nice router plane with a great set of blades. Worth the value.

  • 4
    Most impressive and compact tool.

    Posted by J.D on 12th May 2017

    I received this router plane with little expectancy as i own the large Veritas model and almost snobbishly dismissed Quangsheng as a lesser quality tool manufacturer. I am so pleased to be so wrong. I was so impressed I packaged it up and took it to the workshop for some validation. Its the crispness of the cuts straight out of the box and the 1 screw adjustment feature that make it my new "go to" tool for all of those hard to reach corners. Another small but significant design feature is the hex screw in the totes, you can remove the screw and either replace with your own unique design or if you are unfortunate enough to drop it, you can likewise replace the tote after 10 mins on a lathe. In summary, a most impressive and compact tool. Complete with 4 blades, this has raised my opinion of Quangsheng as an upcoming competitor for joinery planes in what is usually a set priced high end market. Affordable enough to buy without much deliberation, very well priced considering.