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Quangsheng No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

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The Quangsheng low angle jack is the Swiss army knife of hand planes, and an excellent choice for beginners looking for a straightforward, versatile, multi-function tool as their first premium bench plane.

Since the whole point of a bevel up plane is its versatility, the Quangsheng No 62 comes installed with the standard 25 degree iron so the low effective pitch makes it a superb choice for shooting endgrain and planing mild straight grained timber. Additional 38 and 50 degree blades are available as an optional extra, enabling it to be used as a york pitch or high angle panel plane for smoothing difficult timbers.

The low angle jack plane has an adjustable mouth that can be closed up for precision work or opened for heavier stock removal. The side wings provide ample stability for shooting without resricting access to the blade, lever cap and adjuster. Toothed irons for tearout free stock removal in figured timber are now also available separately.


  • Precision ground, unbreakable CR40 alloy steel casting.
  • Low ratio Norris type combined lateral and depth of cut adjustment.
  • Brushed finish stainless steel lever cap.
  • American cherry wood handles.
  • Conforms to British Standard.
  • Sole Dimensions 14in x 2-7/16in (355mm x 62mm)
  • Blade Dimensions: 2in x 4-1/2in (50mm x 114mm)
  • Optional 38 & 50 deg blades available separately.  


When fitted with the optional 38 degree blade installed it functions in much the same way as any other york pitch plane. Its reasonably long sole means that you can take component sized pieces from sawn to four squared with a sensible degree of accuracy.

With the 50 degree blade installed you are getting much closer to a scraping action; using slow strokes and a very fine set, highly figured timber, burrs and patches of reversing grain will all give up their hidden beauty without any nonsense.

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Reviews 13

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Quangsheng No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

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