Quangsheng No. 6 Bedrock Pattern Fore Plane

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The Quangsheng No.6 fore plane is the most manageable of the three types of long flattening planes. Popular with furniture makers it is a nicely sized workhorse for dressing and squaring stock accurately to dimension.

The name 'fore plane' originates from an earlier application where this size of plane would have been used be'fore' the others for the cruder task of levelling off boards that had been riven (split) and then hewn with axes and adzes. In modern usage it would be more appropriate to think of it as smaller, more nimble version of the 'try' 'trying' or 'truing' plane.

Quangsheng bedrock pattern handplanes, unlike the more common Bailey pattern, have a full contact area between the body and the frog, hence the name 'bedrock'. The frog can also be adjusted to widen or narrow the mouth of the plane without the need to remove the irons. Simply loosen the two locking screws on either side at the back of the frog, adjust the central screw to set your desired mouth opening and then nip up the side screws again. This system is easier, faster, much more accurate, and less likely to damage the cutting edge.


  • Precision ground, unbreakable CR40 alloy steel casting.
  • Engineered lateral adjuster with guide bearing and brass tab.
  • Low profile cap iron.
  • Brushed finish stainless steel lever cap.
  • Hardwood handles.
  • Conforms to British Standard.
  • Sole Dimensions 17¾in x 2⅞in (451mm x 72mm)
  • ⅛in (3mm) thick 2⅜in (60.3mm) cutting iron made from T10 carbon steel hardened to RC63.

Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.

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  • 5
    An excellent first 'proper' plane

    Posted by Guest on 26th Jul 2022

    I took Matthew's advice and bought the no6 instead of the low angle jack as my first good quality hand plane. I'm really glad I did, as it's been an absolute pleasure. The quality is there (I'm very fussy!) and, once honed, it takes beautifully thin, controlled shavings. A really lovely tool.

  • 5

    Posted by John on 3rd Jul 2021

    This make was recommended by a master cabinet maker as an option to the very expensive Lie Nielson as equally flat. Superb item and value. Service from Workshop Heaven equally smooth.

  • 5
    Excellent !

    Posted by daft1druid on 12th Jun 2021

    On receipt I noticed the chipbreaker was distorted. The office promised a replacement chipbreaker would be dispatched immediately. Ten minutes work on the blade, and with the new chipbreaker in place, I was getting shavings of 1.5 millimeters.! Fantastic plane for the money, dead flat and dead square. Customer service is brilliant, and I will certainly be buying Moe of these planes. They might not have the finish of my Lie Nielsen, but they match them in performance. I highly recommend both the planes, and above all, the company itself.

  • 5
    Great addition to the took kit

    Posted by Ray Comer on 4th Feb 2017

    To be honest this the first 'big boys' plane I've ever owned myself, I've always made do with a number 5 but I was surprised just how easy it was to get a straight flat edge on a 4ft piece of oak I had lying about. I've bought a few Quansheng products now and not been disappointed in any of them.

  • 5
    Outstanding quality and value!

    Posted by K on 12th Mar 2015

    I too took Matthew's advice with the no6. Comes straight out of the wooden box, all components are absolutely flat, thick chip breaker and iron that takes a great edge. Easy to set up and an absolute delight to use. I'm also very fussy! I will certainly buy Quangsheng planes from now on! Excellent!!

  • 5
    Waters and Acland Furniture School

    Posted by Guest on 12th Sep 2014

    These Quangsheng planes from Workshop Heaven are excellent quality and great value for money. Buy them here as others claiming to be from the same factory just won't have the same quality control. We have a number of these planes both in our school and also in our fine furniture workshop.

  • 5
    Quangsheng No. 6

    Posted by Ken on 10th Apr 2014

    This is my goto plane for just about everything. Top quality, great price, I really could justify getting another.

  • 5
    Quangsheng #6 fore plane

    Posted by Paul on 10th Apr 2014

    The quality of this plane is incredible! It was perfectly flat, nice thick excellent quality iron, beautifully machined bed, nice handles, easy to adjust and is an absolute joy to use. I honed the edge to 6k and it leaves the surface really smooth. It has good mass, oozes quality, and I love it.

  • 5
    5 star plus

    Posted by Kong TSANG on 10th Apr 2014

    I order one on Wednesday morning and received on Thursday morning. Fast service and well packed. You can use it straight from the box. Very very good quality plane for this price. Strongly recommend to antbody who looking for a good quality hand plane, 5 star plus