Quangsheng Luban 3 Piece Marking Knife Set

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A set of three woodworking knives made from M2 tungsten molybdenum steel, hardened to RC 59-62.

The hafted handles are made from pakkawood - a resin stabilised wood composite, with solid brass rivets and spacers.

The set includes left bevel and right bevel which are very acceptable marking knives but are also ideal for carving and shaping or for making heavier cuts in leather or veneer. The spear point has shallower bevel angles and is an excellent marking knife for laying out joinery.

M2 is often used at somewhat higher hardnesses for woodturning tools, where it's excellent abrasion resistance provides superior edge retention.

Supplied in a presentation tin.

Also available individually.

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    Highly functional & well finished

    Posted by Lataxe on 3rd Oct 2021

    I have a set something like this by Sabatier, with riveted ebony handles that are the same length but fatter; and blades half as big again than those of the Lubans, in all dimensions. The Sabatiers mark and carve well enough but are rather softer than the Lubans and easily lose their edge. The points are also prone to snap off if made pointy enough for fine marking in hardwoods. The Luban smaller size seem to make them easier to handle when both marking with the points and when cutting with the edges. They're also much better finished all 'round than are the Sabatiers. Even with just an hour's use, I find the Lubans easier to use because of their slightly smaller size and shape. The edges were well formed and sharpish on arrival, honed to razor sharp on some 1 micron paper in just a couple of minutes. Thoroughly recommended, especially at the price.

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    A great treat in a tin to protect them. What's not to like

    Posted by Jamie on 13th Jul 2021

    A cool set of knives. The cutting angle is spot on. I just flattened the backs off and polished the backs and bevels. The handles are very cool and comfortable Why spend more?

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    A great treat in a tin to protect them. What's not to like

    Posted by The Worcestershire Cabinet Maker on 10th Jul 2021

    Very good knives. Love the spear point.

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    A great treat in a tin to protect them. What's not to like

    Posted by The Worcestershire Cabinet Maker on 7th Jul 2021

    I bought this set back in April and when I opened the tin I was very pleased with the lined foam nesting and of course those handles. So much effort put in to make them look and feel quality marking knives. The black finish on the backs were a little surprising, but it didn't take long to flatten the finish off on my 300 grit diamond stone. Then onto my other stones to get a, polished back. 1000, 3000, 8000, and finishing on my 10,000. I then worked the bevels from the 3k, 8k and 10k to get the edge perfect for me. A little time on the leather strop with green polishing compound and I was very pleased. Used with a square, the life cuts in very well. Quite deep for the width of the fine line produced. I've got two prepared and with video the process of the third. A brilliant gift for someone or just treat yourself, you will not regret this purchase. Jamie