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Workshop Heaven, Packaging and the Environment

Workshop Heaven are committed to reducing our impact on the world around us and are constantly looking for and finding new ways to reduce our reliance on plastics - especially single use plastics. 

This includes re-using, wherever possible, packaging items we received from suppliers and sourcing environmentally friendly packaging products specifically:


  • All cardboard boxes we buy are recyclable, and we recycle as many as possible. We make no apologies for sending out our orders in boxes that may have previously been used which may not always be that pretty.


  • OUT - Plastic tapes. 

  • IN -     Brown paper tape and re-enforced brown paper tape. Made from recycled fibres and is recyclable.

Protection material

  • OUT - Purchasing standard plastic bubble wrap.
IN -    Totally biodegradable bubble wrap. Not only is it fully reusable/recyclable but, at the end of its useful life, it also breaks down quickly in landfill and is absorbed back in the soil with no harmful residues.

Filling/packing materials 

  • OUT - Purchasing polystyrene packing peanuts.
  • IN -    UK manufactured, sustainable, eco-friendly fully compostable/biodegradable ones. Made from gm free starch they are even unattractive to rodents.


  • OUT - Plastic consumable bags (for Shellac for instance). 

  • IN -    Biodegradable stand up pouches.


  • OUT - Plastic
  • IN -    We have sourced a supplier of biodegradable clear zip seal bags - which we will use when our existing stocks have been depleted.

"Jiffy" Bags

  • We are currently trying to source an affordable eco friendly version - but are keeping the use of these to a minimum in the meantime.

Sometimes our packages may include the odd non recyclable/biodegradable items such as other pellets/airbags/bubble wrap etc. These items will have been recycled from packages we have received from our suppliers which we prefer to reuse.

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