Petrograd Forest Axe - Chernigov X

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All profits from sale of remaining stocks will be donated to @decappeal to help people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

For more information visit their website here.

Similar to the Chernigov IX but with a slimmer bit, longer edge and a longer handle.

Light and versatile, Forest axes are designed to be carried into situations where they may be the only axe available, used for light felling, splitting firewood, pointing stakes, chopping notches, anything you are likely to come across in a bushcraft / outdoor context.

The poll is reinforced so it can be used for driving wooden wedges to split bigger stuff as well as knocking in pegs etc.

An excellent choice for camping, canoeing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

  • Weight 1.0kg
  • Overall length 440mm
  • Head length mm
  • Cutting edge 85mm
  • Replacement Handle N2
  • Supplied with a handmade welted and rivetted leather axe mask