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Petrograd Carpenter's Drawknife - N5 Swedish Type 170mm rear

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Petrograd Carpenter's Drawknife - N5 Swedish Type 170mm

A deceptively clever shape, the Swedish drawknife is curved in two directions, like a flat slice cut from the rim of a bowl. When used bevel up for peeling cylinders the edge follows the curvature giving a broader shaving, faster headway and naturally blends the cuts together. When inverted so that the bevel is down and tilted into the working position, the cutting edge, when viewed from the wood's (or indeed the sharpening stone's) perspective, is straight, giving you the same functionality and ease of sharpening as a straight bladed drawknife - two tools in one.

Beautifully hand forged from 65G tool steel (Germany 66Mn4, Ck67, USA 1066)  hand ground, hardened to 55-58 HRC and fitted with oiled beech common octagon pattern handles.

Blade length - 170 mm

Blade width 36 mm

Blade thickness - 6 mm

Sharpening angle - 30 degrees

Total length: 520 mm

Radius of curvature: 800mm

Supplied with a handcrafted welted leather case with stitched and rivetted construction

Handmade in Russia

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