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Petrograd Axe Handle N16 430mm

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Petrograd Axe Handle N16 430mm


N16 Replacement handle for Petrograd carving adzes.

Petrograd axe handles made of hard, strong, smooth textured Norway maple wood with the grain correctly either rift or aligned with the head (i.e not qurtersawn). Grain runout is minimised as far as is possible with a manufactured handle and the straightest stock is selected for the longer handles where forces involved are greater. Norway maple isn't brittle like sugar maple, although not quite as strong as hickory, or quite as light as ash, its outstanding quality is absorbing rather than transmitting shock and vibration.

Length 430mm

Size of inserted part maximum width 61mm, minimum 32mm, maximum thickness 32mm, minimum 32mm.

Weight 320 g

Made in Russia.

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