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Pattern Maker's Vice

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The Emmert K1 improved patternmakers vice is arguably the single most ingenious and versatile workholding device ever created.

Patented by Victor R Koontz in 1919, the K1 was the final evolution of the original turtleback patternmakers bench vice invented by Joseph Emmert in 1891. Originals are now highly sought after and good ones fetch handsome prices. Thankfully these brand new, beautifully made, reproduction K1 vices are available at a fraction of the cost, they faithfully follow the original design and the quality of casting and machining are very acceptable indeed.

As well as functioning as a traditional woodworking vice, the K1 can rotate to any position through a full 360 degrees and simultaneously tilt up through 90 degrees to sit parallel to the benchtop. Tapered work can be held thanks to a pivoting front jaw, compound angled work too thanks to a tilting supplementary jaw (included). The ends of the main jaws are also clamping surfaces when rotated into the vertical position, there’s a useful pair of small jaws on the bottom edge and round work can be held in four reversible dogs that slot into the top. As if that were not enough, there are keyhole slots that allow you to fit your own custom made jaws inserts too if necessary.

  • Main Jaw: 350mm L x 127mm W
  • Small Jaw:50mm L x 53.8mm W
  • Auxilliary Jaw size: 146mm L x 127mm W
  • Jaw travel: 355mm
  • Jaw depth (face to square beam): Main: 53mm, Small: 89mm,
  • Extension dog height (max): 57mm
  • Rotation: 360deg.
  • Jaw pivot range Main: 5
  • Tilt: 0 - 90 deg
  • Weight: 27kg


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Pattern Maker's Vice

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