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Narex Mortice Chisels - 8112 - 8mm

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Narex Mortice Chisels - 8112 - 8mm

The chisel blades of these 8112 Narex mortice chisels are correctly trapezoidal in section and have been neatly CNC machined from Chrome Manganese (CrMn) spring steel, which was developed for Narex specifically for the purpose of making edge tools. This means that Narex mortice chisels take and hold a superb edge.

The Narex 8112 mortice chisels are accurate, hard and immensely tough: serious tools and seriously good value for money.

  • Handle: Stained beech with chromed steel ferrules.
  • Overall length: approx 300mm (11.8in)
  • Blade length: approx 145mm (5.7in)

Watch the Workshop Heaven video about the Narex 8112 chisels.

Customer Reviews

Written by: Lataxe
Designed and made for functional excellence.
Narex chisels are inexpensive, eh? Yet they are high quality, in design, materials, manufacture and function. Mortise chisels need to be as they get some hammer (literally). Some other inexpensive brands (still twice the price of the Narex) fail these quality criteria, in my experience. They are misshapen, take on age to flatten/sharpen and are either too soft or too brittle for the chopping. Not Narex - it took me 12 minutes to rub off the protective goo, polish the already flat back at the chopping end along with the sides (to make sharp mortise-wall scraping edges) then put on a 35 degree micro-bevel. A quick test chopping an 8mm wide X 30mm deep X 40mm long mortise in a chunk of English oak waste resulted in a good clean rectangular hole and an edge that remained sharp if not the scary sharp it started as.

Will they pass the test of time? They look and feel resilient so I suspect they will - certainly for a hobbyist like me who'll be chopping mortises in the tens per year rather than the hundreds. With this degree of quality and function, it must surely be pointless spending 5X - 7X more on a posh version from those big North American makers, no matter how good they undoubtedly are. Perhaps I'll round the Narex front-to-bevel transition and polish the handles a bit, just to get that "posh & expensive" look? :-)
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