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Narex 8132 Paring Chisel (natural) ½" (12mm)

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Brand Narex
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Like our other ranges of Narex chisels, the 8132 paring chisels are forged from CrMn high carbon steel and isothermally hardened to RC59.

One of the key advantages of isothermal hardening is that it introduces significantly less distortion than cold quenching, so it is the perfect method for making long, flat, slender paring chisels.

All five sizes of paring chisel are 15" (380mm) long overall, 9" (230mm) of which is usable blade length. The sides of the chisels are bevelled with nice fine edges giving excellent sightlines and good clearance.

Narex paring chisels are fitted with the smaller of the two hornbeam handle sizes used on our Narex 8116 cabinetmakers chisels. Installed using a traditional bolsterless tang, an internal washer ensures a secure attachment that will not work loose with changes in humidity.



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You're reviewing: Narex 8132 Paring Chisel (natural) ½" (12mm)

Narex 8132 Paring Chisel (natural) ½" (12mm)


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