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Loveless Bolts Stainless Bolt Brass Nut 6mm

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Designed by Bob Loveless, the loveless bolt forms a strong mechanical fixing by assembling the bolt through the blade and handle and then screwing it up tight. The bits on the end are ground off flush, leaving a strong, beautiful, permanent fixture.

Made in Europe, these high quality, dimensionally accurate bolts have just enough play in the threads to allow the epoxy to squeeze in and form a permanent bond.

Nut Outer Diameter as specified above, accurate to +0/-0.02mm for a nice close interference fit.

  • Screw length: 42mm of which
  • Thread: 39mm
  • Nuts: Brass
  • Bolt: Stainless
  • Outside diameter of threads: 3.8mm (so using a 4mm drill for the tang you get a tenth of clearance)
  • Price shown is per individual bolt - i.e. one screw and two nuts.



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You're reviewing: Loveless Bolts Stainless Bolt Brass Nut 6mm

Loveless Bolts Stainless Bolt Brass Nut 6mm