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Knew Concepts Saw - Screw Tension 5"

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Knew Concepts saws are made in the United States using high-tech aerospace materials and techniques, this state-of-the-art jewellers saw feels almost weightless in the hand and the frame is very stiff in its longitudinal axis so you get great tension.

It is a wonderful precision instrument but it is not bombproof - don't force it or try to bend it.

Knew Concepts recommend Pegas Swiss made sawblades and each saw is supplied complete with a Pegas No.11 skip tooth blade. This is a good blade for cutting wood up to 12mm or 1/2 inch thick.

Given the extensive range of blades that are available for different thicknesses of wood, metal and other materials, your Knew Concepts saw is a very versatile piece of kit.

Knew Concepts saws accept all plain ended 5 inch scrollsaw blades up to 1.5mm deep.

Please see our Pegas section for a selection of the more popular Pegas saw blades

Supplied with anodised aluminium locking screws and natural sugar maple handle.

Weight: 126g

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Reviews 3

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Knew Concepts Saw - Screw Tension 5"