Knew Concepts Saw - Mark III Lever Tension 3"

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Knew Concepts lever tension saws are designed for rapid, repetitive blade changes (when piercing for example). The tension does not change when re-setting the blade. Simply flip the lever forward to release tension, re-position and clamp the blade, and flip the lever to the rear, and you are sawing.

It is a wonderful precision instrument but it is not bombproof - don't force it or try to bend it.

Knew Concepts recommend Pegas Swiss made sawblades and each saw is supplied complete with a Pegas No.11 skip tooth blade. This is a good blade for cutting wood up to 12mm or ½ inch thick.

Given the extensive range of blades that are available for different thicknesses of wood, metal and other materials, your Knew Concepts saw is a very versatile piece of kit.

Knew Concepts saws accept all plain ended 5 inch scroll saw blades up to 1.5mm deep.

Please see our Pegas section for a selection of the more popular Pegas saw blades

Supplied with anodised aluminium locking screws and natural sugar maple handle.

Download Instructions Here

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    Never knew I could saw so well!

    Posted by Guest on 13th Feb 2015

    This saw is brilliant! It was bought for jewelry making purposes, so will mainly be used on precious metal up to 3.5mm thick. Once I'd got used to not over-tensioning (it's so tempting to just keep turning that knurl...), it was a breeze setting up and it made me realize how fun sawing is!

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    Who knew?

    Posted by Shelly on 2nd Dec 2014

    This saw is well worth the investment. Replaceming a saw blade is so much simpler than with a conventional saw frame. I do a lot of fretwork, and constantly loosening and tightening the blade makes my fingers sore and gives me a bruise where I rest the handle. this is simple, quick and painless.