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Holtey 11SA High Angle Smoothing Plane

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Brand Holtey
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Constructed in gunmetal and steel, double dovetailed together and in this example stuffed with a beautiful rippled boxwood infill, this delightful little plane will usually be the last one to touch a project, creating the all-important finished surface.

Designed to help cabinetmakers and instrument makers to achieve a flawless surface on burr, crotch, exotics and other difficult timbers, the 11SA has a reversible blade giving effective pitches of 59 degrees for very high angle smoothing, or 89 degrees, in the fascinating but rarely explored area just before the boundary between planing and scraping.

This plane is in mint condition, it has never been honed or used. It has been very gently cleaned (no abrasives) and protected with VanGuard corrosion inhibiting oil on the metal surfaces and Alfie Shine on the wooden infill.

Length 6-5/8"
Blade Width 1-1/2"
Width 1-13/16"

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Holtey 11SA High Angle Smoothing Plane