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Gedge Augers

Gedge Augers

With a Jennings or Irwin bit, the spurs sever the fibres and on the next turn the cutting edges plane off the separated waste. With a Gedge, the curved ends cut like a pair of gouges, slicing out the waste in a single pass.

Gedge augers produce lovely clean holes and have the advantage that they can be started at an angle to the surface being drilled, a very useful thing when making things like chairs or balustraded handrails for stairs.

Gedge pattern augers are becoming increasingly rare, especially in full sets, so we have taken the extra step of slow bluing them, which should hopefully give these ones some additional protection from the ravages of time.

These beautiful used hand forged augers have been carefully selected and reconditioned, all have plenty of life left in them.

All are supplied in a new British made Workshop Heaven auger bit roll.

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