Gyutuo Knife 210mm

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Sakai Sutenresu VG10 Suminagashi Gyutuo Knife 210mm


This stunning range of stainless suminagashi knives from Japan have a 33 layer (16-1-16) laminated construction with a core layer of VG10 high carbon stainless steel. The full-tang triple riveted handles are made from black pakkawood, a high quality resin stabilised laminate with excellent heat and water resistance.

The gyuto is designed specifically for slicing meat – it literally translates as ‘beef knife’, so if you are looking for a special carving knife for your Sunday roast, the gyuto is a great choice.

The edge retention, balance and geometry of these knives are absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn’t dream of putting a knife of this quality in a dishwasher, but if they are left wet or immersed in the sink no harm will come to them.

  • Core Steel: VG10 1% Carbon, 15% Chromium, 1% Molybdenum, 0.2% Vanadium, 1.5% Cobalt, 0.5% Manganese.
  • Body Steel: SUS-0410
  • Double bevel

Japanese knives have thinner blades and harder edge steel than western knives, they are absolutely exquisite to use but require slightly different care.

Always use a wooden or bamboo chopping board.

Never sharpen a Japanese knife on a steel or pull through sharpener with steel dics, instead use a fine waterstone, ceramic stone or a strop.

Never use a Japanese knife to cut bones or frozen food

Japanese knives are designed to slice or mince food, they should never be used with a chopping action like a cleaver.

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