Dorchester Tenon Saw Crosscut 12 13tpi

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Roberts & Lee Dorchester backsaws are a pleasure to work the teeth are set and sharpened by hand and cut smoothly with very little effort. This is a new and improved 2017 version with a walnut handle finished with Danish oil.

This 13tpi tenon saw is filed for cross cutting, however if you do have to dovetail thicker boards for chests, benches or tables it's nice to be able to bring out something with a bit more power than a fine delicate dovetail saw. The 14" blade gives a nice long efficient stroke and is supported by a folded brass spine, it is happiest on material up to an inch in thickness but will cope with occasional thicker material.

Backsaws use gravity and the weight of the spine to perform efficiently, they are far more accurate and easier to use if the wood is oriented and the saw kept vertical.

Blade depth: 3 inches