Clifton No 5 Jack Plane

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Originally designed for trimming the crests off a scrub planed board the Clifton No 5 jack plane has become the all rounder of the modern workshop.

At just a hair under 14" long it is a very useful plane for flattening out problems like cupping, bowing and twist that can occur as the internal stresses are released when a board is sawn. The No. 5 is also commonly used for removing snipe, scalloping and saw marks.

The mass and balance of the Clifton No. 5 also make it a very effective plane to use with a shooting board.

New stock will be fitted with walnut handles.

Please note: Clifton no longer supply their planes with polished lever cap.

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    Could this be the plane you were searching for ?

    Posted by Jim on 27th Mar 2021

    Wanted this plane for yonks. Bit the bullet and bought it. Had it for three months now and have given it miles of edge work and surface prep. It has a quality hand made feel with a very few little flaws/imperfections but its head and shoulders above the Lie Nielson 62 I own in quality. In use it is easy to tune in and the iron stays sharp for an age, which is only a quick tickle over the stone. Feels heavy like a 5 1/2 but nimble like a 5 . If there plane to rule them all, its this.

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    Very Good Quality & Performance

    Posted by Keith on 18th Sep 2020

    I've been using my new no5 for a couple of weeks now and it is a joy to use. The Bedrock frog and thick iron and cap iron makes for a really solid tool. Planing results have been superb on a variety of woods and grains. With a bit of work the iron was honed to a really nice edge, producing 0.0005" full width shavings, and the edge seems to keep well. I wanted to buy British and i havent been disappointed with this plane. I also have Clifton Block & Shoulder planes which are equally superb and so this manufacturer does seem to be excellent.

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    Outstanding quality

    Posted by Toby on 24th Mar 2017

    When I first saw it, I immediately saw the craftmanship that was put in making the plane. I really like the thick iron. When planing you feel the sturdiness, it lays perfect in my mid-sized hands. No negative things to mention. But ofcourse, if you want quality these days, you'll pay for it.