Posted 18 March 2020

As the world braces and prepares for whatever the coming weeks may bring, I'm hoping that those of us with a practical nature may at least find it easier than most to keep ourselves quietly occupied for whatever period of time is necessary.

Like many other businesses we have been introducing measures to ensure that our staff and customers remain as safe as possible; to date these include:

    As of last Monday we are no longer accepting any visitors at all. 
    Inbound goods are now received with no direct human interaction.
    Gloves, masks, sanitiser gel and sprays have been issued to keep people and surfaces clean and separate.  
    Frequency of handwashing and cleaning routines increased.
    Working from home implemented where possible.

Revised procedure for receiving your parcel:
The advice we have received is that only hard surfaces are a concern - so a touchscreen or pen is a risk, but a cardboard box isn't.
For the time being, couriers are to sign for shipments that require a signature, the courier does this in front of the recipient.
Please maintain an appropriate distance of 1.5 meters (6 feet) and avoid physical contact. If you feel more comfortable not opening the door and asking them to leave your parcel on the doorstep for retrieval after they have gone, please do so.

Some useful links:

Some may feel that we are over reacting slightly, but given the alternatives of either panicking or under reacting, measured caution feels like the right place to be.

Stay safe,