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3M™ Sharpening Film Sample Pack

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Scary sharpening offers a clean, fast, consistent and cost effective way for novice or hobby woodworkers to achieve professional results without the initial outlay for a full set of bench stones.

Workshop Heaven supply various grades of PSA backed lapping film and microfinishing film sheets that have been carefully selected for use with the scary sharpening method offering efficiency, ease of use and long service life.

Scary sharpening is a less expensive option than waterstones in the short term, ideal for the occasional woodworker, or a handy way to temporarily fill the gaps as you build up your waterstone collection. Scary sharpening abrasives can be lubricated used with water, oil or paraffin. If using a combination of waterstones and scary sharpening, we recommend using water as a lubricant for the lapping film/microfinishing film to avoid contaminating your waterstones.

Workshop Heaven have prepared a sample pack of the most commonly used grades of lapping film and microfinishing film available for scary sharpening. The pack contains a 2-1/2" (63mm) strip of each grade to let you see which grades you prefer for your scary sharpening system. The abrasive mineral for all sheets in the pack is aluminium oxide. Silicon carbide mineral is also available on our website if you prefer. The microfinishing film tends to be more durable, but the lapping film is available in finer grades for final polishing.

  • Strip size: 2-3/4" x 8-1/2" (69mm x 216mm)
  • Mineral: Aluminium Oxide
  • Contains a total of 11  2-3/4 inch strips

Contains one strip of each of the following grades of lapping film:

  • 40 microns (AO)
  • 30 microns (AO)
  • 12 microns (AO)
  • 3 microns (AO)
  • 1 micron (AO)

Contains one strip of each of the following grades of microfinishing film:

  • 100 microns (AO)
  • 60 microns (AO)
  • 40 microns(AO)
  • 30 microns (AO)
  • 15 microns (AO)
  • 9 microns (AO)

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    Reviews 16

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    3M™ Sharpening Film Sample Pack

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