3M™ Sharpening Film Refill Pack (Magnum)

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Workshop Heaven 3M™ Film Top Up Pack (Magnum)


    • 2 sheets each of 40 micron, 30 micron, 15 micron and 9 micron, pressure sensitive adhesive backed, aluminium oxide microfinishing film. A heavier duty version of standard lapping film with a thicker backing and a stronger resin coating
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    • 2 sheets each of 3 micron and 1 micron lapping film. The 3 micron grade has a 'P' resin coating making it slightly more durable than the other superfine grades. The 1 micron film is roughly equivalent to an 11,000 grit Japanese waterstone
    • 1 sheet of 100 micron microfinishing film for heavier material removal, regrinding primary bevels for example. This can either be stuck to the back of the glass or any other convenient flat surface: absolute flatness is less critical for grinding than honing

Sheet Size 8½" x 11" (216mm x 279mm).

Each sheet can be cut into four 2½" (69mm) wide strips.

Mineral: Aluminium Oxide

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