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A set of four beautifully accurate Gyokucho Japanese saws. This set will cover crosscutting and sheet materials, ripping and resawing, dovetailing, tenons, fine joinery and flush cutting.

Gyokucho 400 Proton Power Saw Ibarame Kataba 240mm
The Gyokucho 400 Ibarame Kataba has quite a stiff blade and 13 crosscut teeth per inch. This reasonably aggressive saw is excellent for crosscutting timber to length, making square or angled cuts for larger scale joinery and is also a great choice for zipping through panels in solid timber, sheet goods, veneered ply and composites.

It leaves a smooth surface and almost no breakout on the exit side. The stubby spine provides a little extra support for the blade whilst still allowing deep cuts to be made.

  • Blade length 240mm
  • Overall length 550mm
  • Blade thickness 0.6mm
  • Pitch 1.9mm / 13 tpi
  • Set 0.125mm per side
  • Max depth of cut = unlimited
  • Traditional rattan wrapped paulownia wood handle
  • Replacement blade = Part No S400

Gyokucho 651 Blue Hard Ryoba Komame 240mm
An excellent general purpose saw for the cabinetmaking workshop, the Gyokucho 651 'Blue Hard' Ryoba Komame has progressive rip teeth on one side of the blade and 20tpi crosscut teeth on the other. It has a slightly squarer blade, a thinner plate (0.45mm) and finer teeth than the standard range of Ryoba, making it much better suited to light, accurate work.

  • Blade length 240mm
  • Overall length 580mm
  • Blade thickness 0.45mm
  • Blade depth: 65mm to 82mm
  • Crosscut pitch 1.2mm / 21tpi
  • Progressive rip pitch 2.5mm to 3.9mm / 10 to 6.5 tpi
  • Set 0.125mm per side
  • Max depth of cut = unlimited
  • Traditional rattan wrapped paulownia wood handle
  • Replacement blade = Part No S651

Gyokucho 303 Tatebiki (rip) Dovetail Dozuki 240mm
Purpose designed as a dovetail saw for the export market, the Gyokucho tatebiki (rip) dozuki is an absolute delight to use. Fast and smooth, it cuts beautifully under its own weight and is also very easy to keep on-line, the saw is designed for 6 - 18mm thick material with optimum performance at 12mm

The thin (0.3mm) blade removes very little material and leaves a clean surface for maximum joint strength.

  • Blade length 240mm
  • Overall length 550mm
  • Blade thickness 0.3mm
  • Pitch 1.5mm / 17tpi
  • Set 0.1mm per side
  • Max depth of cut 45mm
  • Traditional rattan wrapped paulownia wood handle
  • Replacement blade = Part No S303 (S306 and S311 blades will also fit this saw)

Gyokucho 1151 Double Edged Flush Cutting Saw 125mm
Flush cutting saws are delicate precision tools used to trim plugs, dowels, wooden nails and through tenons flush with the surrounding surface.

The crosscut teeth of this saw have absolutely no set, so they do not scratch the surface. The blade is only 0.3mm thick and extremely flexible, light pressure with the index finger of your other hand is all that is required to hold the blade down onto the workpiece and achieve a truly flush cut.

  • Blade length 125mm
  • Overall length 270mm
  • Blade thickness 0.3mm
  • Pitch 1mm x 1.3mm 25 x 20 tpi
  • Set 0.00mm per side
  • Beech wood handle
  • Non-replaceable blade

Regular price of these saws if purchased separately: £142.90

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  • 5
    fantastic saws

    Posted by Jotham on 16th Nov 2021

    Bought these saws about 18 months ago, had very little experience with Japanese saws when I did but thought I’d give it a shot and boy am I glad that I did! Made a Massive difference to the making experience, love them

  • 5
    Excellent value

    Posted by Michael on 1st May 2020

    Two years on from buying this set and using them extensively, theyre STILL sharp. After two months of using japanese pull saws i sold off nearly all of my western saws. Way way better than any push saw I have ever used. Will absolutley buy the replacement blades, whenever i managed to blunt them enough to have too

  • 5
    In Love

    Posted by Jay on 30th Apr 2020

    First time in my life ho hold a Japanese Saws. Breathtaking, I can't express how much I love this saws. Great Set.

  • 5
    Great Set!

    Posted by Paul on 13th Feb 2019

    Very pleased that I ordered this set. These are a joy to work with.

  • 5
    Excellent product and very prompt delivery.

    Posted by Nitin on 7th Sep 2018

    The whole set is excellent. It is very fine quality and worth every penny spent on it.