York Woodworking Vice HVR803 10-1/2"

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The York HVR803 is a 10½" No.53, the largest available underslung woodworking vice; the robust single screw mechanism is beautifully engineered and spins easily with one finger.

The York HVR803 can be face mounted or flush mounted and is designed to work with a 3¾" (95mm) thick bench top.

If you do a lot of face vice work, or just like to take a belt and braces approach to bench building, this monster will do you proud; a full ten and a half inches wide with a cavernous fifteen and a half inch opening.

York vices have been manufactured in the town of DobÅ™íš, near Prague in the Czech Republic since 1921. They have rightly inherited Record's crown for well made, workmanlike, European manufactured bench vices.

  • Thread: 24mm x 5mm
  • Total Length: 604mm
  • Working Length: 390mm