Workshop Heaven Victorian Cabinetmakers Chisels (Rosewood)

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Workshop Heaven 'Victorian' bevel edged chisels are the result of a collaboration with a few like minded friends,

The handles are slender 'Best London Pattern Rosewood Octagons' turned for us in Sheffield at one of the few remaining original Victorian courtyard factories. The waisted bulb is lovely and narrow and the 1³⁄₁₆" AF octagon fills the hand just nicely without being too full.

The blades were specially made for us by Narex. Forged from high carbon steel with a composition very similar to late Victorian crucible, they are ground to the 8116 pattern that we worked on together some years ago, it has nice thin edges and a particularly light and elegant bolster that works very well with this handle. I think they may have done something special for us with the heat treatment too, sharp eyed observers may notice the shadow line or hamon on the blades.

The handles and blades come together in the ironmonger's workshop, just as they would have done in the past, where we maintain through practice the skillset of the cutler. Each handle is finished with Peacock Oil Regal Red before being installed with a hand cut leather washer that matches our handmade leather tool rolls, should you decide to have one of those to go with them.

Wrapped up in brown paper packets and tied up with string, these beautiful chisels will hopefully inspire future generations that making things to last is a worthwhile endeavour.

Metric sizes: 6, 10, 12, 16, 20, 26mm (¼, ⅜, ½, ⅝, ¾ & 1" in old money)

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    You can't buy better chisels in todays market.

    Posted by Ken on 23rd Sep 2021

    I have owned EA Bergs, Robert Sorby and Marples chisels. 30 yr. tool collector and 25 years as a woodworker. I have purchased all of the sets of chisels Made by Narex including 4 sets for me and my high end woodworker friends. The QUALITY of Narex chisels is truly amazing. My opinion Kenneth Kline

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    What a credit to Matthew and Workshop Heaven

    Posted by Rob Wright on 5th Mar 2020

    It was a real joy to open these chisels from the box because of their high tech eco-friendly packaging - brown paper and twine! The only plastic is the standard Narex bevel protecter. For new chisels, they have an amazing mirror finish on the back and could shave hairs off the back of my hand with no additional flattening/honing. I have checked the flatness of the backs against float glass and they would not accept a 1.5/1000" Moore & Wright feeler gauge at any point. The handles fit my hand very well and the tools are well balanced. The work in the handle and leather washer is immediately apparent. Comparing to some vintage chisels with London pattern handles I wonder if a smaller handle on the narrow blades might be considered. I am looking forward to some work on the waterstones and know the quality of edge obtainable with other Narex chisels. All in all, the most striking new chisels that I have seen. They deserve to sell out very quickly. (And now, how about a non-plastic bevel guard?)