Workshop Heaven Phi Rule - 6 inch

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Workshop Heaven Phi Rule - 6 inch

A quick and easy tool for increasing or decreasing measurements by the golden ratio Phi. If you can address proportion without actually thinking about numbers, you can keep the mathematical side of your brain dormant and focus fully on the artistic process of designing.

Named in honour of Phidias, the lead sculptor of the Parthenon, the golden ratio 'Phi' plays a prominent role in architectural and furniture design, where it is used to proportion objects for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Phi (1.618 0339 887...) is the proportion at which the relationship between length and width, is the same as the relationship between length and length plus width.

A tabletop is the simplest example, being 1.618 times longer than it is wide, or a chair back being 1.618 times the height of the seat. The most appealing proportions for drawers, and their placement, are also typically related by Phi.

These hardened stainless-steel rules simplify Phi calculations and help identify the golden ratio in existing objects. They have a deeply etched dual scale with imperial graduations on the top edge and Phi-scale graduations on the bottom edge. Both faces are graduated; one face converts a known long measurement to an unknown short measurement, and the other face does the opposite. To scale a measurement, you simply find the identical measurement from the top scale on the lower scale.

Also great as a gift for children to help them understand the ways in which numbers affect our daily lives.

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