Workshop Heaven Carvers Mallet Blackwood & Hornbeam

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Made by a small family firm in Birmingham England, these beautiful mallets are turned from select billets of fine native and exotic timbers.

The carvers mallet has a long cylindrical head made from dense African Blackwood and a long handle of smooth hornbeam. You can adjust both the spot that you choose to grip the handle and the point on the head that you strike the tool so with the one tool you can select from a full on thwack to the lightest nudge of encouragement without even thinking about it.

This beautifully made mallet is a perfect example of a tool that just melts into your hand and becomes an extension of your body, leaving you totally connected to the work.

The handle is secured in the traditional manner by a full length wedged through tenon.

  • Blackwood Head & Hornbeam Handle
  • Overall Length: 302mm
  • Weight: 780g
  • Head Diameter: 73mm
  • Head Length: 133mm

Note: Sample image only - we do not photograph each individual piece so figuring of each will vary naturally.