Workshop Heaven Basic Woodworking Starter Set - Worth £140

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Choosing which tools to buy first can be a bit daunting, especially if you are new to precision woodworking.

This starter set of professional quality hand tools is designed to give you enough tools to complete a few simple projects and exercises, whilst forming a sound base of a versatile tool collection that won't need replacing or upgrading.

The set includes:

  • Narex 8116 Cabinetmakers Chisels 6, 12, 20 and 26mm in Natural
  • Shinwa Profiled 300mm Carpenter's Framing Square
  • Gyokucho Japanese 661 TPE Ryoba Saw 240mm
  • Regular price of these items if purchased separately: £141.00

The 8116 series of Narex chisels are accurately ground, affordable, Cabinetmaker's chisels with fine edges and close tolerance backs. They will withstand light taps from a wooden mallet without the surface becoming marred and uncomfortable to use when paring. The shouldered teardrop hornbeam handles are lightly waxed to protect the timber whilst retaining its and natural colour and feel.

The Shinwa 10647 carpenter's framing square is a light and versatile tool with clear full mm graduations inside and outside, originating from the apex on both faces (8 scales in total). Made from stainless steel with a hard anti-glare chromium finish for durability and high corrosion resistance. A deceptively simple tool that can be used to accurately lay out surprisingly complex joinery.

Gyokucho razorsaws, have long been renowned for their cutting efficiency and excellent durability and this 661 is a standard ryoba for carpentry and joinery work, as the angle between the centreline and the toothline is carefully calculated to give a rapid yet smooth cut and the heat treatment is optimised for springiness. They are equally happy working in softwoods or temperate hard woods and can, with care and a light touch, be used on exotic timbers too.