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Workshop Heaven Auger Bit File - Thin & Tapered

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Auger bit files have two ends, one with safe edges and one with safe faces, so you can safely work into corners without removing material from the adjacent surface.

Ground extra thin and tapered in thickness from 2.45mm to just 1mm (1.2mm inc teeth) at the tips, this beautiful European made auger bit file will sharpen even the smallest augers. The quality of manufacture is superb. 

As well as sharpening auger bits they are also useful for all manner of fine fitting and tuning jobs -  smoke fitting components, adjusting the blades and wedge pockets of wooden planes, deburring hard to reach places, they really are a game changer for accurate work. 

  • Thickness: 2.45mm (tapering to 1mm at the tips)
  • Overall length: 180mm
  • Cut length: 60mm
  • Single cut



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You're reviewing: Workshop Heaven Auger Bit File - Thin & Tapered

Workshop Heaven Auger Bit File - Thin & Tapered