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Woodworking Tool Kit Super Deal

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Limited to 50 toolkits - when they’re gone, they’re gone..!

A carefully thought out tool kit containing over £300 worth of popular tools from premium brands like Bessey, Starrett, Shogun, Narex & Thor.

As well as covering basic woodworking projects that foster skill development, we have tried to choose versatile tools that will also be generally useful for maintenance jobs around the home.  The chisels make a sensible starter set of small, medium and large, but they are also the ‘inbetween sizes’ so if you later add a standard set of six, you'll still end up with a rational set of nine. The Bessey clamps are sturdy, designed for one handed use and the heads are also reversible for spreading. The folding Japanese pullsaw will cut smoothly and accurately with, across or diagonal to the grain.


  • Starrett BGL Large Tool Bag
  • 4 x Bessey EZM-EZL Clamps (2 x 150mm opening, 2 x 300mm opening)
  • Bollé S10 Safety Glasses
  • Shogun 265mm Universal Folding Kataba
  • Thor Thorex 31/712R Nylon Faceed Hammer 560g
  • Starrett Try Square K53M-250-S
  • Starrett Measuring Tape KTX12-12ME-N
  • Starrett K15-N Sliding Bevel
  • Shoun Japanese Combination Waterstone 400/1000grit
  • Shinwa Marking Pencil Pro HB 3pc-pack
  • Narex 8105 Bevel Edged Chisel 4mm
  • Narex 8105 Bevel Edged Chisel 8mm
  • Narex 8105 Bevel Edged Chisel 14mm
  • Narex Flat Screwdriver 7.0 x 125mm
  • Narex Phillips Screwdriver PH2 x 100mm
  • Narex Pozidrive Screwdriver PZ2 x 100mm
  • Shinwa Profile Gauge C 200mm
  • Alfie Shine Hard Wax Polish 60ml

    Retail Value £307.82





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You're reviewing: Woodworking Tool Kit Super Deal

Woodworking Tool Kit Super Deal

£307.82 £189.50
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