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Australian Goldfield Burrs

Australian Goldfield Burrs

Australian gold field burrs, or burls, are revered by experienced woodturners and custom toolmakers for the durability and stunning figure of the timber within.

Aussie burls are extremely hard, they are basically big balls of knots from various species of eucalyptus, which are all really hard timbers to begin with. Best either turned on a lathe, or worked with saws and rasps, then finished up with abrasives or scrapers, the burr wood polishes to a luxurious surface with mesmerising swirling figure that resembles boiling toffee.

Australia is home to the widest variety of Eucalypt species on the planet, Goldfield burrs are often formed into bowls on the lathe with parts of the outer crust incorporated into the design. They are also sawn into blanks for knife and tool handles, hand plane infills and wedges, pens and jewellery.

Goldfield burrs are always sold by the green weight (what they weighed when they were cut) we also list the dry weight, which is also what we enter onto the system so that you aren't paying shipping on water that is no longer there.

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