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Toothed Bench Dogs in use top

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Simon James Toothed Bench Dog


Bench dogs for 3/4” (19mm) round holes with teeth that grip the wood and pull it down onto the bench, these dogs bite!

Preparing a rough board by hand with a jack plane, scrub plane or toothed iron can be quite a forceful process. These new toothed bench dogs provide masses of grip to keep the wood firmly planted on the bench while you work. Heavier planing is typically done before the timber is cut to final length,  so the marks from the teeth get sawn off when the board is trimmed up. To hold components after they have been cut to length, simply rotate the dog and use one of the two smooth faces.

With its brass collar removed the bench dog will lay just  1/8” 3mm above the bench top, allowing material as thin as 1/4” to be worked with ease. With its brass collar on, the dog will sit up 3/8” 9mm from the surface – the ideal height for holding thicker boards.

So there you have it, a bench dog that will bite and hold (but only when you want it to), lie down, sit up,  wear a collar and work with a standard 3/4” round dog hole array.

Man’s best friend? You’ll honestly wonder how you managed without them.

Made in the UK by the same forge that produces our holdfasts.

Sold as singles.

Customer Reviews

Written by: Ben
great dogs
I got two of the these dogs, I like the way you can take the collar off and you can then plane thin as well as thicker stock with the collar on, makes then very versatile. I also own the simon james holdfasts and the quality on these is just as good, gets a solid grip on the wood, and can also be turned around so that the spikes don't marr the wood, they have a real quality to them and are a good price, built to last.
Written by: Ken
Top quality toothed bench dog, well its made by Simon James so had no hesitation in buying it. Really gets a grip on the material, it will be well used in my little workspace.
As I always say, great service from these guys.
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