Petrograd Axes & Adzes

The forested area of Ingria around the mouth of the river Neva is a confluence of Finnic, Slavic and Norse cultures with a history of metal axe use dating back well over a thousand years.

The Petrograd tool factory was established in 2008 to bring high quality handcrafted tools to Russian woodworkers. Informed by extensive research of museum examples and expert advice from the Russian union of carpenters, the Petrograd range of axes combine the rich heritage of the region with beautiful quality Russian steel to bring you tools that function superbly and will last for generations.

Each Petrograd axe is hand forged from carbon-manganese spring steel, chosen for its phenomenal impact strength and edge durability. The forging process compacts and refines the structure of the steel, further improving its performance and enabling hardness of 58-60 HRC to be achieved safely. Of equal importance, the handles follow traditional forms and are made from straight grained Norway maple, not quite as strong as hickory, or as light as ash, but much kinder to the user’s body than either thanks to its excellent shock absorbing ability.



All profits from sale of remaining stocks will be donated to @decappeal to help people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

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