Japanese Axes

Individually handmade by Niigata prefectural master Mr Isao Mizuno and his small team of highly skilled blacksmiths, these superb axes are as effective as they are beautiful. Mr Mizuno is a leading expert on ancient Japanese iron axes and this study informs and inspires his production.

The cutting edges are somewhat harder than most modern axes (comparable to the old cast steel axes) and will hold an edge that you can shave with for a considerable length of time. The carpenters axe and hatchet are of laminated construction, the forest axe and splitting axe have differentially hardened monosteel heads.

Japanese axes have seven grooves ground into the heads, four on the right cheek, three on the left, these represent seven Shinto gods and are said to ward off accidents while working in Japan's forested mountains. The final fitting of the head (and responsibility for it's security thereafter) is the job of the new owner.