Carving Tools

Ashley Iles are the only remaining British edge tool manufacturer to produce the entire Sheffield List of woodcarving chisels; every Ashley Iles carving tool is beautifully hand forged and ground from high carbon Sheffield steel. Traditional Hand forging compacts and refines the structure of the steel. This, combined with very accurate heat treatment produces a carving tool that will take the finest, strongest, sharpest edge possible.

Ashley Iles and his son Ray were trained in the individual trades of toolmaking (forging, grinding, handle making, etc.) by the little mesters of Sheffield in the 1950's, secrets that had been jealously guarded for generations were freely passed on to prevent them from being lost forever. The family and the business moved to Lincolnshire where they have perpetuated toolmaking in the old tradition ever since. The grinding is all done freehand on enormous water cooled wheels, no jigs or fixtures, just decades of skill and experience.

We carry a selection of the more commonly used carving tools available off the peg, but if you want anything not listed here just give us a call.