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Boxed Sets

Boxed Sets

Woodworking drill bit sets, boxed or rolled, keep your drills clean and organised and ensure that you always have the appropriate sizes to hand.

Beautifully presented in either wooden presentation cases, robust ABS organisers or custom made tool rolls, these high precision drill bits will make a welcome addition to any woodworker's toolkit.

There is often a significant price advantage in buying a set of drill bits rather than buying individual drills as and when you need them. Add to that the advantage of having one item to store, find and take with you: it makes a lot of sense to get the set.

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  1. Out of Stock

    Star-M Japanese 601 Precision Drill Bit Set


    These beautiful Japanese HSS drill bits make precise, ultra clean holes in all types of wood, sheet materials, leather, acrylic, PVC, rubber and bamboo.

    The tip is essentially the lovechild of a lip and spur drill and a Jennings pattern auger. The spurs clean out debris from the corners of the cut and are immediately followed by semicircular knives that progress the cut like a pair of scalpels. The spurs act as chip limiters so the bla...

  2. FAMAG 1594.835 5pc HSS-G Lip & Spur Set


    Fully ground HSS is fairly common in premium quality metalworking drills, although most manufacturers deem it unnecessary over specification in woodwork tooling. FAMAG disagree, they believe that using over specified materials and manufacturing methods results in a tool that will deliver superior performance, durability and results. It took me one hole with the FAMAG 1594 series drill to work out who was right.

    Usually the spiral...

  3. FAMAG 2108.507 Depth Collar 7pc Set

    Simply slide over the drill bit and tighten down at the required depth. This 7-piece set is supplied in a plastic tube and contains 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm collars....
  4. Narex Magnetiser/ Demagnetiser for Driver Bits

    Perfect for use with Kreg pocket hole jigs, this clever little device is for magnetising and demagnetising screwdrivers and driver bits. Slide the screwdriver back and forth a few times through the 'magnetise' hole and it will become magnetic so your screws stick to it. To reverse the process, simply pop it through the other hole, rub it up and down and the magnetic properties are removed. Cheap, effective, saves faffing about....
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