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Products tagged with 'French Polishing'

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  1. Alfie Shine Hard Wax Polish 60ml


    Alfie Shine is a proper, old fashioned, hard wax polish with the addition of some special natural ingredients, from a recipe found in a 17th century instrument maker’s notebook and so doesn't contain any solvents at all.

    Applied in thin coats (a little goes a very long way) with a soft cloth or a clean shoe brush for larger surfaces, Alfie Shine penetrates and nourishes dry wood. With successive applications, the resins grad...

  2. Alfie Shine Polishing Kit

    Regular Price: £24.90

    Special Price £19.92

    Supplied in a presentation tube, this Alfie Shine Polishing Kit makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves working with wood.


    • x2 60ml tins of Alfie Shine Hard Wax Polish,
    • an Alfie Shine Pure Bristle Brush and 
    • Alfie Shine Polishing Cloth
  3. Alfie Shine Pure Bristle Brush

    After much searching we managed to find a brush manufacturer in England who could supply us with exactly the right bristle texture for applying Alfie Shine on larger surfaces. It needed to be a natural material, stiff enough to hold its shape, yet supple enough to find its way into fine mouldings and details. The densely packed natural bristle bundles are well mounted on a very slightly curved beech handle with fluted sides. The perfect tool f...
  4. Alfie Shine Raw Cotton Polishing Cloth


    A proper polishing cloth, made in England from 100% natural, raw unbleached cotton with a soft velvet like raised nap on one face and the original woven texture on the reverse.

    All four edges are sewn to prevent fraying, the cloth can be washed and reused many times over.   Dimensions:  10” x 10”

  5. Pumice Powder 1lb

    A traditional material for French polishing, pumice powder is used for invisibly filling the pores in timber to create a level surface over which finishes can be applied. After testing several grades we settled on FFF as the best - as fine and clear as possible but just coarse enough that the particles will still suspend properly in the oil. Oil the surface and then immediately sprinkle pumice powder over it. Work the pumice hard into the por...
  6. Out of Stock

    Workshop Heaven Garnet Shellac Flakes 100g


    These are finest quality, highly pure, dewaxed shellac flakes and they produce a wonderfully transparent, very hard surface. The super blonde flakes are very pale, the lemon brightens and accentuates figure and the garnet adds warmth and character. You can mix them together, either dry or dissolved, to adjust the results and get exactly the colour you want. In their dry form they have a shelf life of years. Once dissolved shellac wil...

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